Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Don't Like Dog Parks

Hey, that's mine!

Mommy took me to a new dog park in Houston yesterday. Mommy knows how I don't like to play with other doggies but she thought the do park would be empty since it was the middle of the day. I guess there are lots of dog moms and dads that work from home too because there were other doggies there.

This park separates small dogs and big dogs so I had no choice but to go in the big dog group because I weigh more than 20 pounds. That's not fair! They should have a medium dog area.

I sniffed a bit and then some doggies came over to say, "Hello!" I didn't mind too much but then one dog started to run around and he knocked into mommy with his wet fur and 100 pound body. He was a puppy - a big puppy - so he didn't do it on purpose but mommy now has a bruise on her leg. And the doggy was wet because they have a swimming pond in the park. That's great for the other doggies that like to swim but not for mommy and me because they chose to shake off right in front of us. How rude!

I ran to the back of the park so I could have my own space. OK, truth be told I was trying to escape but that darn fence was in the way. Mommy was disappointed in some of the dog owners that must have been there before because there was poop that wasn't picked up. There are dog bags and trash bins everywhere, so why didn't they pick up their dog's poop? Don't they know they're breaking the rules? Lazy humans.

Mommy and I left - and not a moment too soon if you ask me - and we drove home, but before we got there, mommy let me play in my local park. I had the entire park to myself and I even got to chase a squirrel. I'm a solo dog - well, me, my mommy and daddy - and I don't want any other dogs chasing after MY squirrel.

That is the Siberian Husky that hurt mommy. Sure, I might look interested, but I was just making sure they were occupied before I made my getaway.


  1. Hi Euri,
    We don't have any dog parks around here. Sorry that your Mommy got hurt, some humans just don't make their doggies mind.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. We dont really like the dog park either. It seems that there is frequently more ir-responsible dog parents then responsible ones!!

    Echo and his mom

  3. I am sorry you didn't have a good time at the dog park. You are 100% correct about the humans - some of them seem to forget they have any responsibilities when they bring their puppy to the park!

  4. We are sorry your Mama got hurt...Those other silly humans need to watch their puppies!!


  5. Hi Euri,
    That's too bad that some dog owners aren't very responsible. I'm glad you got to play in your park without being bothered with other dogs.


  6. I'm glad you posted the picture so we could see the other doggies at the park. That husky may have been a bit much but he's awfully handsome.

  7. I can tell you aren't really interested in the puppy. You're just observing and taking notes!

  8. The Siberian just wanted to play!

    It's what we do!

    PLUS, he's not 100# ;-)

    Mom and I also shake our heads when we pass dog poop along the way - how hard is to pikhk up?!?
    I understand that sometimes hoomans miss it at the park bekhause they are too busy yapping and not WATCHING where stuff happens!

    PeeEssWoo: Wouldn't woo play with ME?

  9. Hi Euri, your poor mom! We don't have dog parks in the UK but dogs are mostly allowed into all the parks.
    We get very annoyed with lazy humans who don't poop scoop!
    We think this makes people who are not keen on dogs even more so!
    We have some beaches where dogs are not allowed now and we believe it is all down to lazy humans who are giving us dogs a bad name!!!!
    Do you think we should lead another revolution!
    love and kisses
    from the laid back bassets xxxxxxx

  10. My girls aren't fond of dogparks either. Sonja (dumb sheltie) did the best but I never took her off her lead since I didn't want to spend hours trying to catch her. Sandi (smart sheltie) was alive at the time and my sis and I took them into the large dog area just to look at it, and this untrained american bulldog started to run around and around us zeroing in on Sandi. I picked her up since she was too old to be running from that dog. I told the woman in un uncertain terms to train her dog. Several people left because that dog was bullying other dogs!

  11. Sorry that you had a bad experience in the dog park. I usually do pretty well but you can read about our fiasco on one of my posts last week.

    Your friend,

  12. Euri
    I'm sorry that you and your mom had a so negative experience in the dog park. Some dog owners are very irresponsable! I´m glad that you have the local park for fun and your own squirrel just for you.

  13. You poor thing. You probably like the beach better where you can run at your heart's content, by yourself..


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