Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Chihuahua Tried to Attack Me

While going for a walk with mommy this evening, something strange happened. A high pitched squeal came out of nowhere, and something that looked like a cat appeared. Mommy didn’t know what was going on and though the cat was in pain as it came running past us. It turned out to be the smallest Chihuahua we’ve ever seen and it was guarding his part of the street. Hey, it’s a free street and I can walk on it too Mr Chihuahua!

I didn’t know what to think of this silly Chihuahua - who must have weighed all of three pounds. He certainly didn’t look vicious so I just went on my way, but mommy stomped her foot and said, “No!” The Chihuahua ran away but came back so mommy bent down to let the Chihuahua know that we weren’t going to hurt him. He must have gotten the message because he hopped – yes hopped – and ran away. I couldn’t decide if it was funny or sad that this poor Chihuahua thought he could intimidate me. I hope his owners let him inside because shortly after that, it started to rain. I’d hate to think of that poor little doggy getting wet while stuck outside.

Mommy has been taking me to different parks because of the rain. Some parks are just filled with puddles and others have lots of stickers which get stuck in my fur (and mommy’s fingers when she tries to pull them out). I don’t think we’ve found a puddle-free park yet, but it sure has been fun going to new places.


  1. Maybe he was trying to say hello, but he just got too excited because no one ever comes to visit him!

  2. Oh my! A bit startling when you aren't expecting it. Sounds like you got through Mr. Chihuahua's area ok.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. When we walk, there is a Yorkie that khomes sproinking at us - but khan't get us due to the invisible fence thingie -

    I'm glad woo stayed khool and khalm!


  4. I've had chihuahuas do that sort of thing to me too! What's that about, chihuahuas?

  5. Hi Euri,
    What's up with those Chihuahuas doggies? There was one where I used to live that liked to chase me when I went for a walk with my Mom. Maybe they don't know they are really cat size!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. I was attacked once by a chihuahua. it was more of the owner's fault. he was too tense and kept tugging at the poor thing..Glad to know you and your mom kept your cool, great job!!


  7. We are glad you are OK Euri - we sometimes find very small dogs thing they are the hugest dogs.
    We have two little yorkies near us who like to rule the roost too.
    Sorry about all the puddles - we have quite a few here - and mud!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. LOL Chis are notorious for doing stuff like that. And def shouldn't be left out alone! Must admit not a too big fan of them but then again I've been bit by several of them when I worked for a vet lol.

  9. Euri, we are sorry one of our cousins was mean to you and tried to attack you. Feel certain that WE would NEVER do that to you dear furiend. Alas, we do believe that we are as big as Mango. It's born into us. We have BIG personalities in these tiny little bodies. Kudos to you for keeping your cool though. Sometimes that isn't always easy to do. I think our cousin Mr. Chihuahua probably needs a furiend...maybe he should start a blog!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  10. BOL...Poor Euri, you did the right thing by keeping your cool. We have that problem in the spring in our neighborhood with the poor homeless cats protecting their kitties. Hopefully the chihuahua will calm down before he gets hurt!!


  11. Poor Mr. Chihuahua. Hopefully, he won't pick on someone that wouldn't be as kind as you were, Euri. Hopefully, his people will watch over him better. Hope you can find some puddle-free areas to do your walks in.


  12. I don't like squealing dogs. I hope you don't run into him again.

  13. Sweetie, all little dogs like to try to make big dogs skeered of them. Don't know why - it's just a little dog thing I guess☺

  14. I think the Chihuahua could take you, Euri. Size of the fight in the dog and all that.

  15. Glad you stayed cool, Euri. Sometimes I find some small dogs are not friendly in my way.
    I try to keep cool too.

  16. Sometimes chihuahuas think they have to put on a big show to let big dogs know they are not afraid of them. I am always worried that I might sit on one and squish it.

    Your friend,

  17. That chihuahua is lucky you did not step on him. On accident, of course.

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