Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Back

Hi everyone! I'm back from staying with my host mommy, and my parents are back from their vacation in New England. They told me they had a great time but were anxious to get back and see me. I had a fun time with my host mommy and this time, I was a very good boy. I didn't steal any cookies and I didn't vomit once.

I have some sad news; Rebekah, the Chinese Dwarf Hamster that was my guest blogger, passed away. We're sending our condolences to Rebekah's mommy and hope Rebekah is happy in hamster heaven. You can click here to read more about Rebekah.

Above is a picture of me before my mommy and daddy went on vacation. I was on their bed resting my head on mommy's T-shirt. She always makes sure she leaves a T-shirt in my crate so I don't forget her when she's on vacation. I could never forget my mommy; I love her too much. I was so excited to see both my mommy and daddy when I came home. I gave them lots of hugs and kisses. Daddy was happy to see that I was so affectionate towards him because he usually plays second fiddle, but not this past weekend. See daddy, I love you too.

Hope everyone had a good week!


  1. Hallo Euri
    I`ts nice to hear you had a god time staying with host mommy, but we think it`s always best to be with mommy and daddy.
    We are two Cocker Spaniels boys from Norway, 5 years old and mommys best friends.
    Ouer names are Bendik and Niklas. We are spoild to ofcourse.. , have a fantastic time here with mommy . Huss and kisses a lot.

    We wish you a happy day
    Love from Bendik Niklas.

  2. Welcome back, great to hear you did so well on your vacation. Isn't it the best being reunited with your family :)

  3. I bet you are glad your hoomans are back! I can imagine you were so excited to see them again. When my mommy has been gone, I am ready to burst with joy when I see her again. And sometimes she only went to the post office.

  4. So sorry to hear about Rebekah!

    Glad you have mommy and daddy back. Give dad some big snuggles always, ok?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and her mom

  5. So glad to see you back, Euri! Sorry about Rebekah.



  6. Well, Euri, I'm glad your family returned safely. It's pretty awesome that you didn't throw up while they were gone. I hope things continue to go well along those lines!

    Thanks for the mention of little Rebekah's demise. Her twin sister Ruby seems to have adjusted to the loss and is enjoying being queen of the hamster cage - especially if we give her bits of carrot or apple.

  7. Oh yes...and as to adopting a dog, we'd LOVE to. Let me clarify that, 3 of us would love to, but the 4th member of the family has been bitten twice in the past year while jogging and is rather UNfond of dogs. Maybe your mommy could write an article on how humans can run safely in areas that don't have leash laws.

    Because if we can win him over we'd be thrilled to rescue greyhounds or to rescue some unhappy soul from the pound.


  8. Welkhome bakhk!

    I'm glad woo were so happy to see your pawrents!

    Please pass along our khondolences to your hamster furamily -


  9. Great to have you back! Me miss mommy and dadster lots too if they had to go away but i bet you're very very happy now dat your family's home!!
    Sorry to hear about your hamster friend..our prayers for her and fam.


  10. Welcome back Euri!
    Glad to hear you had fun with your host mommy. Sounds like your parents had great vacation too.
    Sorry to hear about your friend Rebekah.


  11. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your little friend though. Those guys don't live long enough. :-(

  12. We are always glad to see the crazy old bat and big red guy when they come home. It usually means an extra treat or two. We bet that Rebekah is at the Rainbow Bride riding with FuFu and Girl Girl in his car.

  13. Euri,
    Welcome back, and I am pleased to meet you. I am glad that your mommy and daddy are home again. Nothing is better than having yor family all complete. I hope we can become friends.


  14. Welcom back Euri, my Mom has been a bit under the weather and runny waaaay behind on her blogs so as a result, I'm waaaay behind too!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)
    P.S. Did you ever get the award I sent you?


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