Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do I Look Like Will Smith?

I took a celebrity quiz yesterday - it's OK, it's for pets - and it said I'm just like Will Smith. Daddy thought I'd be someone more girly ( does that mean a girl?) but mommy wasn't surprised by the results. Daddy thinks I'm scared of everything because I jumped at a leaf once...OK, maybe two or three times, but I'm very brave and curious. Anyway, I like Will Smith and mommy said he's a good actor who is funny too, so I'm happy with my results.

Are you a doggy that wants to find out which celebrity you are most like? Click here and read all about it.

Oh, did I tell you that I threw up again this morning? Mommy wasn't happy about it because I threw up in my bed. She gave me a new treat yesterday made with lots of vegetables and healthy grains so she's convinced that it's all her fault. Poor mommy. But maybe it's because I ate some poop while walking to the park - it's one of my bad habits, I can't help it. Everyone has at least one bad habit right? Mommy likes to pick at her nails when she's upset. What's your bad habit?

So what's the good news about vomiting early in the morning? I got to eat breakfast early!


  1. Hi Euri!

    Tank woo fur khoming by my khorner!

    I've stopped over to wave my fluffy tail so I khan leave some Siberian floof on your blog!

    PeeEssWoo: I hope both of woo feel better!

  2. Hi Euri!
    It turns out that I am like Jennifer Lopez! Thanks for sharing the link.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Hi Euri,

    I'm hope your stomach is feeling better.

    My bad habit is obsessively cleaning myself, especially if I'm waiting for mama to play with me or feed me.

    I hopes you have a good day!



  4. Sorry about your tummy ache Euri...and did your Mom ever sell your toe on Ebay last night???

    I did the survey and...big surprise..they say I am like Paris Hilton (I am sure it's the whole blonde thing).

    Tell your Mom that my Mama says it's nice to have someone else in TX that calls the shore...the shore and not the beach!!
    (Don't ask me, I don't know what she means..she says it'a s Jersey Girl thing...)


  5. Hi, Euri! Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry to hear that you threw up again. I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to new foods so my mom always has to introduce tiny portions at a time or else I'll throw up or have mad dashes to the door for potty breaks. I guess my bad habit would have to be picking up anything lying on the floor and carrying it in my mouth. Stinky socks are my absolute favorite. Tagpi has many bad habits like eating his own eye boogers and digging for dirt in his ear and licking off what he finds. So gross.

    My hoomans aren't really sure what I am, but the vet and another Field Spaniel owner who lived here before think I could be one since I am larger, longer, and much heavier than any of the Cockers here. Mom thinks I could possibly be a mix between show and working type Cocker, which could explain my much heavier build and longer body. My identity is really a mystery since I was picked off the streets.

    I live on Terceira and for such a tiny island there are a lot of people living here. My hoomans often tell me about huge creatures living in the ocean surrounding us, but I've yet to see any of them so I seriously doubt they exist. I hope your tummy feels better soon!

  6. Hi Euri!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I am happy to meet you! To disqualify a show dog because of an inch and a half seems pretty silly to me. But I am a Borador, half Border Collie and half Lab, so I would never make it in a show anyway!

    I'm going to go try that quiz, we watch a lot of movies, so this could be fun.



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