Monday, September 7, 2009

Adopt Me - I'm Clay and I'm Looking for a Forever Home

This guest blogger's name is Clay. He's a lovely lad, and I must say he's quite good looking too. Clay is staying at Rover Oaks in Katy, TX while waiting for a forever home. If you know of someone who would like to adopt Clay, contact Joy at 281-693-7687.

My name is Clay and I'm about three years old and about 35 pounds...a pretty good size. I'm probably a cattle dog mix of some sort, and I am staying at Rover Oaks in Katy where they are trying to find me a good home. See, I'm a really good dog, but because I'm a herding breed I have a lot of energy and I need stuff to do to keep me occupied. I was bred to herd things, so sometimes I still nip at feet and heels, even though my trainer keeps telling me that doesn't make a good impression on people. I'm a smart guy, and know all of my basic obedience, and they even tried to get me involved in something called the Gifted Animals Program where I could learn to sniff out bombs and drugs and stuff. But, I was too interested in the other dogs so they said that wouldn't work out very well. Next, they are going to teach me agility - I can run fast and I'm smart so I bet I'll be really good at it! And it will be good for my energy level too.

Anyway, I got adopted once but it didn't work out. I really loved my dad and he loved me, but he had a lot of company in and out of his house so that got me really agitated and I acted out a little bit. I'd probably do great in a place that didn't have a lot of comings and goings, but where somebody had time to spend with me, running and playing and stuff like that. I really like other trainer says I like them TOO much...I like to play rough and I don't seem to get it when another dog tells me to back off. And, I REALLY don't like cats. So probably if I could be an only pet in a house with no young kids and someone who understands dogs like me that would be best.

So, I'm having a little bit of a hard time finding that great fit for a forever family...even though I know there's someone out there for if you find anybody that might look at me and say "He's perfect!" please let them know. I'm at Rover Oaks in Katy waiting for them!


  1. I hope you find a nice home soon Clay! Thanks for being my guest blogger!

  2. You are quite a handsome guy. I hope you find the perfect forever home.
    Good Luck!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. I'm hoping for the best for Clay. It may take a while, but I'm sure he'll find his forever home.

  4. hello there Clay! mommy and me will keep our paws and fingers crossed, hoping you'd find a loving, caring and permanent home! stay positive and cheery!


  5. We are hoping that you find a furever home real quick Clay!


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