Monday, September 14, 2009

Walking in the Woods in the Rain

It has been raining a lot lately which means the ground is wet, so mommy put my waterproof suit on me and off we went to the park with the woods. I'm such a good sport because I don't mind wearing my snood or waterproof outfit; I know that when mommy puts it on me, I will be able to go out and play despite the weather. Mommy took a short video of me running in my outfit so you can see how great it is. Now mommy is thinking she should use it as part of my Halloween costume. Grandma suggested I be Zoro - do you think I can do something with my waterproof outfit for Halloween? If so, leave a comment or e-mail me at

I love running through the woods because there are so many good things to smell. I never really see any animals except birds but whenever I get close to them, they fly away. Today while we were walking in the woods mommy spotted a dog out of no where. We noticed the doggy's collar but we didn't see an owner. Mommy told the dog to "Be nice" while sniffing me. She says dogs know that term. Do we? It turns out the dog was actually friendly and really liked mommy. I think the dog was part terrier because it had wiry fur like a Cairn Terrier. Then the dog's owner came and got the dog. I think her name was Lucy or LuLu or something like that. Anyway, if I see her again, I'll be sure to say, "Hello!" because she was a nice doggy after all.

The woods are really strange because it's in a park in a suburban neighborhood. It feels like we're in the middle of no where but we're really surrounded by houses, trails and lots of grass with picnic tables. It's pretty neat for us doggies and dog parents like it because the park supplies free dog bags - no, not leftover food; bags to pick up your dog's poop - and the bags are biodegradable...whatever that means.


  1. That is a great outfit, Euri. You were just zipping around. You're lucky you get to walk out in the woods with your mom. I don't know if I would like it, but I do enjoy sitting out on my patio and looking at nature.

    Thanks for your comment on my moving to Texas post. You're right. I think we are well rounded from the moving we've done. Mama had to make a crack about my weight and well rounded.

  2. Hi Euri! Great outdoors walk, lucky you! Enjoy your day!


  3. Wow, you is speedy quick wif that rain soot on. It must gives you good airodynamiks.

  4. I think you should be Euri Bond...or maybe you should be Agent 99 cause she is a girl...

    Love the rain suit!!


  5. Hi Euri!
    That's a pretty neat rain suit.
    You could have your Mom paint a white stripe around the middle and you could be an Oreo cookie for Halloween. What do I know...I'm just a dog!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. A waterproof dog costume, huh? That is something I have not heard of before. I like Zoro better.


  7. I must be in the one area of Houston which has hardly gotten any rain.

    Good for you being good about wearing your slicker. My girls will wear them but hate it lol.

  8. That's khool they provide environmentally furiendly poop bags....but some humans khan be khwite a challenge to train to USE 'EM!



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