Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I wasn't even born yet but mommy told me that something bad happened on 9/11/2001. Mommy remembers living in the DC area and being scared to leave work and go home because her house was so close to the Pentagon (which was hit by bad men). Mommy also lost a very dear friend in the World Trade Towers. I didn't know him but I'm sure he was a very nice man. Mommy said he was like a brother to her, so that sort of makes him my uncle. I know that lots of doggies were involved in helping people during 9/11 so here's to the hard working doggies that dedicate their lives to helping humans.

OK, so you know how I got a bath yesterday? Well, I got dirty again today. Mommy took me for a walk in the rain - well, it wasn't raining when we first left but it started to rain so what could we do? Mommy was smart enough to put my snood on me in case the ground was wet from yesterday's rain, but that wasn't enough. My entire body got wet and my paws got all muddy. So now I don't smell so nice anymore. Oh well, at least I had a good time sniffing away in the woods.

Today mommy took me outside to walk the street looking for something. Apparently someone delivered daddy's package to the wrong place and now we can't find it. So while mommy was out walking from house to house, I went with her. I was very well behaved. I didn't run in the street or anything and I stayed close to mommy .....OK, I ran ahead to see if I could find a cat and I ate some grass, but I listened to mommy as soon as she called me. I'm a good boy.


  1. Hi Euri!
    I'm a Portuguese dog, living in Lisbon.

    I can see you are a very nice dog! And obedient, too... Perhaps you could send some messages to my friend Boss? He's a basset hound that only listens his nose...


  2. Hi Euri,

    I'm so sorry about your mommy's dear friend. Yes, I remember my mama telling me about all the good doggies that helped with rescue.

    You are a very good boy!

    Purrs to you,


  3. Tank your mama fur sharing her story of that day with us...

    I'm sure woo got extra treats fur being such a good fella, eh!?!


  4. Hi Euri! Thanks for stopping over in my neighborhood! I do remember 9/11. It was very sad and scary. I had to snuggle with Mom to make her feel better.

  5. Hi Euri! We are just sniffin on over from Stanislaw's bloggy to say hi!
    I have a sister who is a buff cocker spaniel. Come on over and meet us sometime!

    P(ee)S: Mom remembers 9/11/01 and how sad it was. I even gave her some sugars today to try and cheer her up.

  6. Hi Euri! That's a beautiful tribute to the doggies, very kind of you to do so. Sorry to hear about your mommy's friend...Hope your good behavior will put a smile on mommy's face.


  7. hello euri its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is too bad yoo didnt find a cat sitting in the grass that wood hav solvd both yore kwests at wunse!!! ok bye


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