Friday, September 4, 2009

Please Don't Hit Your Dog

As mommy and I were walking home during our evening walk last night, a chocolate Labrador Retriever came running over to me. He wasn't mean or anything, he just wanted to say, "Hello!" But then his owner came over, took his hat off of his head, and hit the brown doggy. That wasn't very nice. Both mommy and I were very upset that the poor doggy was hit for no reason. Mommy didn't understand why the dog was treated like that, and I thought maybe I had gotten him in trouble so I walked away as quickly as possible. Mommy vocalized her displeasure but the owner didn't care. He actually apologized to mommy for his dog coming over to me. It made no sense. Doesn't he know that dogs like to say, "Hello?" to one another?

I could see if the chocolate lab was aggressive or trying to attack me, but he didn't seem to be mean at all. So mommy and I will try to avoid that street in the future because we don't like to see dogs being hit. Please don't hit your dogs! We need love, praise and affection - we don't like to be yelled out or hit.

P.S. Mommy said there is a nice doggy named Ellie that is looking to be adopted. If you want to learn more about Ellie, click here.


  1. Oh, that is just so rong! Years ago afore I was borned, my mom was walking Elliot, the dobieman pinshur. She sawed a man hitting his dog (was also a lab puppy) wif his hand and mom told the mean man no, no, do not ever do that! The man gotted mad and came at my mom wif his fist to hit her! But Elliot said GRRRRRR at the man and showed all his teefs (only time in his life he ever donned that) and the mean man got skeered and ranned away.

  2. Hi Shawnee the Shepherd! Thanks for leaving a comment! Glad Elliot scared that mean man away.

  3. When people hit other living beings in anger it means that they have a sick mind and that they just might do the same to a little baby or an elderly person. People should never hit anything that is living and breathing on this earth with us. You did right and so did your momma.

  4. hello euri its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by hay yes peepul shud never hit there dogs!!! mama and dada hav never hit me or trixie or tucker even though tucker probly deservs it ha ha no i am just kidding he is a gud boy eksept wen hes not ennyway i forgot wot i wuz tawking abowt but to reeiterayt yoo ar rite dont hit yore dogs peepul!!! ok bye


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