Thursday, September 17, 2009

There's a Serial Arsonist in our Neighborhood

I learned that someone is burning down unoccupied homes in our neighborhood. At least people aren't living in the homes that were set on fire, but it sure is scary. Mommy and I walked by one of the homes today and took pictures. The smell didn't bother me but mommy didn't like it. I hope they catch the person who is setting the fires because mommy doesn't like to listen to sirens and helicopters at night. This is very unusual for our area so everyone is quite upset.

On a happier note, I received my Paw it Forward presents from Dory - thank you Dory! I'll be sure to Paw it Forward next month when mommy has more time. Mommy wants to let everyone know that my blog will be on hold for a couple of weeks but I'll be back in October. Mommy and daddy are going to take a much needed vacation which means I get to stay with my host family. I'm sure they won't leave any cookies on the table this time because last time, I stole them and got sick.

Did I tell you that I was sick twice last night? I threw up food around 2 AM and then bile around 7:30 AM. Mommy thinks it might be my new food even though I only had 1/16 of a cup - since mommy is trying to transition me slowly. I hope I do better tonight. Mommy only gave me kibble with water today - no treats - so hopefully I won't vomit. And tonight, we're actually going to go to bed before midnight so maybe a good night's sleep is all I need. Mommy has been so busy lately so I hope she gets to relax on her vacation.

I'm going to get professionally groomed next week - I can't wait. Mommy thinks I'm starting to look scruffy but I actually received two compliments today. I was told I'm beautiful and yes, it's gone straight to my head.

You can see a picture of me in the car before our morning walk - which means it's before I've been brushed for the day. I'm wearing my seat belt. It's pretty don't you think? Mommy says this picture shows off my long eyelashes. Apparently the ladies love my long lashes.


  1. Hi Euri,
    You are one good looking dude!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. I hope woo are feeling better today...and that woo find the new food okay fur your system...

    As fur the evil 'person' setting the fires, paws khrossed they are khaught soon befur someone innocent gets hurt...


  3. I think you're very handsome boy!

    I hope they catch that person lighting fires. That is so scary.

    I'll miss you but hope your mommy has a wonderful vacation!



  4. Yikes! I hope they catch your firebug! They might think they're only burning down abandoned houses but fires tend to spread!

  5. I've been watching the news about all the fires. There is nothing that scares me more! I hope they catch that person. They also said there is a pack of dogs that are running around there causing problems. So be very careful on your walks!

    I love your seatbelt way nicer than the one I have for my girls.
    Sorry to hear you are still throwing up. It just sucks. Hopefully your mama will find a mix that works for you soon.

    Have a great vacation!

  6. If you keep getting sick to your tummy your momma might want to talk with the dog-tor. Something else that helps sick tummies is rice and boiled chicken☺

  7. What's up, dude?
    I used to have a pretty bad night puking problem too. Every night at 4am I'd hurl all over my crate - usually bile, sometimes food. At first my people thought my tummy got too empty at night (dogs will sometimes vomit to get rid of acid in an empty stomach). The vets said I suffered from a malabsorption disorder and due to a puppyhood of starvation, I would never take food normally and I would never make it to a healthy weight. They were all wrong!!

    Turns out that I can't handle any starches or grains, ESPECIALLY corn and sweet potato. Not even brown rice food helped. Kibble can't exist without a starch of some sort, so we tried canned food. My tummy got a tiny bit better, but still... the vomiting didn't stop. After much research, my folks tried us on the raw diet. After about 2 weeks on that the vomiting stopped, and it has never come back.

    That was 2 years ago.

    Oh - and over the course of the first year on the diet, I gained all the weight I needed and my coat lost its rusty tinge and turned jet black. Pretty cool, huh?

    Perhaps you have a similar problem with commercial foods?


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