Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Food, Food Everywhere

As you can see from my photo, I'm poking my head through someone's fence. No, I'm not being nosy, I'm staring at a kitty that is hiding under a car. I have a good eye for cats because I love to chase them ....even though they seem to be faster than me and they can jump like Spiderman.

Mommy hasn't been taking me to the local park where all of the rubbish is but I managed to find some trash anyway. It seems people around here just like to put their food all over the sidewalks and grass which is great for me, but not for mommy. Today we took another route but I found some popcorn on the pavement. Mommy said she gives up; no matter where she takes me, people seem to litter. Did you know that it's actually illegal to litter in some countries? I bet mommy wishes she lived in one of those places but not me.


  1. We hates litter too and is always picking up after litterbugs. Mom says the worst is broken glass coz she is always skeered I is going to cut my paw.

  2. My friend Raven cut her paw on broken glass last week at my lake...We just don't understand how humans can be so thoughtless sometimes!!


  3. Hi my pal Euri,

    I'm sorry for your mommy about all the litter. I know it's a buffet for you, but it's not good for your tum.

    You sure are looking at that kitty intently. I think you would probably chase me too.



  4. Same here too, eventhough there's a fine for littering, people still do it! Once my friend Charlie stepped on a fish hook and his mommy had to bring him to the emergency dept. Luckily he was okay!


  5. We will take food where ever we can find it.

  6. It's illegal here, but there's still plenty of litter lying around ...

  7. I really hate when people litter. How hard is it to throw stuff in the trash. In my complex there are big containers and more often than not people won't bother walking the 10 ft to get to them. Then again they thing Im weird for picking up after my dogs!


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