Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Got Hit by a Soccer Ball

When we were walking home after our visit to the park last night, a soccer ball came rolling down the street. I saw it coming and didn't know what to do. I jumped and moved out of the way but somehow this ball managed to roll right into me. I wasn't hurt but I was a bit embarrassed. I tried to get out of the way yet the ball kept moving. Some nice men at the park did warn me, and mommy tried to move me out of the way. I guess I just wasn't expected a soccer ball to roll down the street like that.

Mommy noticed that I tripped yesterday when going for my evening walk as well. Daddy was surprised that mommy hadn't noticed sooner because he says I'm a clod. Is that like a Clydesdale? They're my favorite horse. Daddy thinks it's because my front paws are so large. He thinks I' have big bear claws and that I should be a bear for Halloween. Last year I was Superman - or should I say Superdog? What do you think I should be this year? E-mail me with your Halloween costume ideas:


  1. Watch out for those crazy balls, Euri!

    And with those long curly ears...Hmmm, I'll email you.

  2. Those soccer balls can be so unpredictable...ya never know which way they are going.

    I just love your super dog costume, so I'll really have to think about this one.


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