Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'll Be Sleeping In My Orvis Bed From Now On

Mommy didn't get any sleep last night and I think I'm to blame. You see, we took daddy to the airport yesterday and as a special treat, mommy allowed me to sleep on daddy's side of the bed. The problem is, I moved around all night, made lots of noise - including loud snoring - and at 6:50 AM, I threw up bile. Don't worry, mommy managed to get me off of the bed and onto the hardwood floor in time, but now she's upset because my antacids just don't seem to be working like they used to.

Mommy made sure she didn't feed me anything new yesterday so she thinks that maybe I snuck something in at the park yesterday morning when I was walking with daddy. Or maybe I just need more antacid? So anyway, I have to sleep in my own bed tonight but that's OK with me because I love my Orvis bolster bed.

I remember when mommy went to a special warehouse sale to buy me a plush Orvis bed. You can see a picture of me in my Orvis bed above this article. I don't look very happy in the photo because I had just gotten a bath and my parents made me wear a towel to keep my back fur flat. It's a lot of work staying gorgeous. Anyway, mommy got my bed on sale but I think it would have been very expensive if she has purchased it in the store. I like Orvis because they allow dogs in their stores. Did you know that? They are very dog-friendly especially to hunting dogs like me. OK, so I only hunt for cats, squirrels, and poop while in the park, but I'm still hunting.

Mommy is thinking about not taking me to the local park anymore because some people there are very inconsiderate and put their trash all over the place. Whenever we go there, I see lots of bottles, chicken bones, and empty bags of potato chips. I don't know why they don't throw away their trash when there are trash bins all around the park. It makes mommy very upset because I have a knack for finding all of this stuff and I try to eat it quickly. Mommy has to watch me like a hawk.

And there are those dog parents who don't curb their dogs - that means pick up their poop - and I love to eat poop so it's like a buffet for me. Mommy wishes someone would enforce the rules but no one seems to care so it's best we go somewhere else from now on so I don't have to be tempted on a daily basis. The other park we go to in the mornings has woods and is very clean but we have to drive to get there. Mommy is trying to convince daddy to move but he thinks we live in a convenient location. Come on daddy, let's move to a nicer area where people don't litter in the park and they pick up after their dogs.


  1. Hi Euri,
    I have a bed almost like yours but it's not Orvis but it's very comfy. Sometimes I sleep with my Mom and Dad but they say I take up too much room and steal the covers. Go figure!
    Anyway, I hope your tummy feels better and that you have a nice day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. First, we think that your bed is COOL! WOWZA! That must be the Cadillac edition.

    Yes, sadly, some humans do not keep out earth furry clean at all and don't clean up after their dogs, either. What's with that? Even at our furry own house our momma cleans the yard at least once a day and sometimes twice. Whatever your momma decides to do we know it will be with your health and best interests in mind.

  3. hello euri its dennis the vizsla dog hay gosh i am sorry the peepul at yore park ar sutch slobs!!! heer ware we ar the parks are pretty kleen but at sum of them if yoo ventcher mutch off the trails their is broken glass and stuf all over i think peepul ar just messy but some peepul ar messier then others all rite!!! ok bye

  4. Hey Euri,
    Nice to meet you. I think your Orvis bed is really nice. Too bad about that park. We live near a busy street and are amazed at the things we find on the side of the road. Everything from used pampers to underwear and condoms. Yuckers. Of course we also find lots of squirrel jerky. Yum.


  5. Hey, you're lucky having an Orvis bed.. mum's shown me them in the catalogue. We've got an Orvis shop here but I don't think they'd let me in. Mostly I sleep with mum & dad on their bed.. they put up with me hogging the space!! Sorry you have a poorly tum, hope it will be okay. Woofs Teagan x x

  6. You have a plush bed, Euri! I get to sleep with my mama. I have a tendancy to snore but it's not as loud as a doggie. I'm sorry there are people who litter so much at your park. That's such a shame. We don't understand that either. I hope your tummy feels better.

    Purrs to you,


  7. Hi Euri, your bed sure looks cosy and komfy but i'm not sure it'll fit my petite figure..! Personally i like the floor, have all the space to curl, stretch etc etc. I hope your tummy feels better soon! Have a luvly week ahead!


  8. Hi Euri, thanks for stopping by my blog :) Nice bed, my girls have 2 orthopedic beds I got for my angel rottie (which he never slept on lol). Nanuchy my terrorX used it and allows the cats to nap with her, poor Sonja (sheltie) doesn't get to.

    Unfortunately we live in a city that not too many people care about picking up after themselves. My pets over the years have gotten very sick dues to stuff like that since my pets are sneaky too.

    Sorry to hear you keep throwing up. Nanuchy is on Pepcid once a day in the am since she is in kidney failure. Before that she would throw up from time to time yellowy stuff too, but it was related to her allergies it seemed.

    Take care :)


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