Friday, August 28, 2009

Do I Have Egg On My Face?

Mommy is trying to lose a few pounds so she no longer eats egg yolks - that means I get to eat them - yeah! They are good for my coat and they taste great too. This morning mommy cooked my egg yolks, mashed them up so I could easily digest them, and mixed them with water. She knows that I can be a messy eater so she put my snood on to protect my ears. Thank goodness she did that because mommy accidentally knocked my bowl full of eggs into the counter while trying to serve them to me, and they spilled all over the kitchen floor.

Since I was already wearing my snood I figured, "Why not?" So I started eating all of the eggs off of the hardwood floor. Mommy started laughing and said I was a funny dog. She was trying to clean up some of the mess when she heard what she thought was a warthog. She knew our neighbors didn't keep any warthogs - roosters and chickens, yes, but not warthogs. Then mommy got closer to me and learned that I was the warthog! I was making snorting noises as I was trying to find all of the egg mixture in the kitchen.

When I had licked all of the egg and water mixture from the floor, mommy noticed I had some egg on my face so she took my photo. She said I looked awfully cute and thought you might want to see my picture. Don't worry, mommy made sure the egg was removed from my face afterwards. She wouldn't want me to embarrass myself in front of the other dogs during our morning walk now, would she?

P.S. Mommy says a nice doggy named Bailey is available for adoption through CAP - the Citizens for Animal Protection - so if you'd like to learn more about Bailey, click here.


  1. Well, I've heard of gals using egg yolk on their hair to make it shiny. I suppose it will work for you, too, Euri. Pretty dog!

  2. Hey guys,

    I found this ongoing debate and I wanted to share it with you:



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