Friday, August 14, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

So yesterday morning my daddy fed me extra early before he went to work, but what he didn't realize was that he left the pantry door open. Inside the pantry was a fully loaded Kong with food and treats that my parents were supposed to give me the night before but didn't because they were lazy and decided not to go to the gym.

So daddy put the Kong on the lowest shelf in the pantry - silly daddy - and when I was done with my breakfast, I knocked the Kong onto the floor. I did it! I'm brilliant!

Mommy was sleeping since she's not a morning person but she must have heard the thump because she called my name soon after the Kong fell on the floor. I had to quickly eat everything so she wouldn't see what was going on, and then meandered back to the bedroom where I pretended I had just eaten my breakfast slowly. Who knew acting was my forte?

Mommy was confused when she woke up and saw the empty Kong on the floor and assumed that daddy had given me the Kong for breakfast, so she called daddy at the office but he didn't answer. Fortunately for me, mommy felt guilty about me not getting a proper breakfast so she gave me another one - lucky me!

Later, daddy called mommy and told her the truth and I knew I was in trouble. Mommy wasn't angry though, she just laughed. I guess she knows me by now since we're coming up on on one year anniversary together.

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