Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Weekend Walks

On Friday night mommy took me for a walk to the local park. We go every evening but some nights are more fun than others. On our way there I ran onto Spot's driveway - Spot is a cat, not a dog. Spot arched his back and started hissing at me but I didn't care. Mommy tried to pull me away but I just stood there with my tail - oops, I mean stub - wagging

When we were on way home two large dogs came out of no where. I wasn't sure if I should be scared or not but mommy told me it was OK.

The dogs' owner kept shouting at the dogs but they didn't listen. Mommy put her hand out so the dogs could sniff her and she kept saying things like "Hello doggy!" in a silly voice to the big dogs to keep them calm.

I stood still as the two big dogs sniffed me, but they got bored after a while and just wanted to be pet by mommy. Then, a car was driving down the street and one of the big dogs ran into the road but mommy protected him from being hit. When the car stopped and pulled into the driveway, a man got out and told mommy how pretty I was.

We continued walking down the street when two kids on bicycles came up to us. I didn't know what to do so mommy made me go over to them so they could pet me. Some kids in our area don't have nice dogs so mommy thought it was important to show them that I was a nice doggy and that I could be pet without biting them.

Then we were almost home and I ran into Spot's driveway again - I never learn! Needless to say, Spot arched his back and hissed at me again. You'd think he would be friendly by now but I'm getting the feeling that he doesn't like me much. Again, I tried to stand my ground but mommy didn't want my eyes to be scratched so she pulled me away. Oh well, maybe next time.

Over the weekend, daddy took me for my walks. Even though my parents are together, daddy has custody of me over the weekend...or something like that. Mommy says I'm daddy's dog on Saturdays and Sundays so he has to walk me. The good thing about walking with daddy is that he lets me off the leash when I'm at the local park so I can run and find poop before daddy can get to me. Poop is one of my favorite treats but my parents don't like me eating it. I don't know why, do you?


  1. Wish I went for a walk but my mommy was too busy she just put me in the backyard and let me bark at the squirrels. Doesn't she realize that they are asking for it sitting on the fence post and chattering at me? I also found that barking in the house get's me lots of treats especially from the little kids so I think I'll keep doing it. Off to sniff around the pool, I don't get it but it's nice to scare daddy. Your friend, Jack

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