Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Great to be a Spaniel

As I sit here typing with my muddy paws and wet fur, it makes me think about what I was born to do. I love sniffing things in the woods and chasing anything I can find - usually squirrels and birds - and when I'm done, my mommy gives me fresh cold water (it's filtered and everything).

Daddy says I'd do well with tracking. Mommy thinks I'm great a jumping over things so agility might be my calling; and one nice man told my parents that I would make a wonderful hunting dog. Of course everyone says I'm sweet too, so perhaps I should be a therapy dog? So many activities and not enough time to do them all. Maybe I'll try a different one each year, or maybe I'll just continue to sniff the local woods and watch TV.

All I know is that my little tail goes a million miles per hour when I'm on the scent for something good at the park. Being a spaniel is fun although I'm sure my parents aren't fond of wet, muddy paws. Thank goodness for waterproof seat covers!

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