Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guest Blogger, Turbo the Poodle from Texas

This entry comes from Turbo, our guest blogger whose mom is Joy Lee, co-owner of Rover Oaks in Katy, TX, and author of Rover's Rescues. Read her interview with the Houston Dogs Examiner by clicking here.

My name is Turbo because that's what I used to be like when I first showed up at Mom's work...some guys brought me into her pet resort and said I was a stray and they couldn't keep me. Thankfully, Mom did!

I am only about three years old now, but I'm not really a Turbo any more. I've had lots of health problems for a young dog, and I think I've been to the emergency clinic you were talking about one time when I took some medicine for my aching joints but it ended up making me throw up blood. And, I was in the hospital part of that clinic for three different knee surgeries and a bunch of tests. They say I have something called "lupus"...I'm not really sure what that is but I do know that the medicine they usually give for that is the same medicine that sent me to the emergency clinic. So I am on a different medicine, plus I get acupuncture and herbal medicines. And, I'm doing a little better now and am kind of getting back to my old self.

I still keep finding new and different reasons for Mom to need to take me to the vet though. Like, the other night, I was exploring in the back yard and came across a walking stick insect. Did you know those things spray a really nasty stuff and they are really good at getting it right in your eyes? I came running back inside, shaking my head and rubbing my eyes, and Mom took me and flushed my eye out, but the next morning it was still really swollen. The vet says I got an ulcer on my cornea from the bug and now I need ointment in my eyes four times a day so it will get better. Anyway, the picture Mom is sending of me isn't my best, but it's the best one she can find right now.

Hope we can be blog friends, but right now I want Mom to stop typing on the computer so she can give me my nightly massage! Bye for now, Turbo


  1. Joy and her staff do so many wonderful things for shelter dogs, taking hard to adopt ones and working very diligently to train them and help find them homes. Two of my very rowdy fosters went to permanent homes after their stay at Rover Oaks. Thanks Joy!

  2. I hope your eyes feel better. I've never heard walking sticks did that. My cocker Gabby would have just ate it. Sounds like you've had more that your fair share of being sick. Feel better Turbo.


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