Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Looking for Guest Bloggers!

A few months ago, my mommy and daddy offered to dog-sit a Shih Tzu for the weekend. It turned into a fiasco because the dog had fleas and the owners never told my parents. But before mommy and daddy learned about the dog's flea problem, they learned that I was a jealous and needy dog.

I hated the attention they showed to the Shih Tzu and I acted like a spoiled brat who had sibling rivalry. Whenever mommy tried to pet the Shih Tzu, I would maneuver my way under her hand so she could pet me instead. Mommy said I was being selfish, so in an attempt to be less selfish, I'm going to allow guest bloggers on my blog.

So what do you have to do to be my guest blogger?
Well, you have to be an animal of course - any type of animal is fine, I don't discriminate - and you have to e-mail me your article. My e-mail address is EuritheDog@yahoo.com. Don't forget to send a photo of yourself too!

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