Monday, August 17, 2009

Part II of My Trip to the Emergency Animal Clinic

Mommy made sure I was buckled up in my seat belt so I didn’t get hurt just in case daddy stopped short on the way to the hospital, and off we went down Houston’s highways. They might be scary for some people, but I love adventure. We used mommy’s Garmin to get to the emergency veterinary hospital and it took us there in no time. I wasn’t feeling very well but I still enjoyed the ride. When we got there, mommy and daddy couldn’t figure out how to enter. It turns out we were all on camera and had to use a special buzzer. A magical force opened the door and then we went into a big box that moved down. Mommy told daddy that I had never been on an elevator before but I have – at the airport. Silly mommy!

When we got there, only a kitty cat (that was old) was waiting but I was the very next patient. Mommy filled out the paperwork while a nice lady took me to the back room. I have to admit I was scared and anxious but the staff at the animal hospital was so nice to me. They kept telling me how handsome I was and I felt better. Who doesn’t feel better after receiving a compliment?

The doctor examined my belly and said I was a glutton. Me? Can you believe the nerve? OK, I admit it I am a glutton. I love to eat! Do they have overeaters anonymous for canines? "Hi! My name is Euri, and I'm an overeater."

The staff at the animal hospital suggested that I get an x-ray just in case, so my parents agreed – despite not knowing how much it was going to cost them. Pets; what are you going to do with them? They’re so expensive but we give you so much love.

Mommy and daddy went back to the treatment area where the doctor explained to them that I had eaten too much and showed them a picture of my stomach. It had expanded like a balloon, and all that food was putting pressure on my organs. Mommy and daddy were very concerned but the doctor kept laughing; she thought it was funny that I had eaten so much. I don’t think she’s ever seen such a piglet in a doggy before. They called me a chow hound, but I’m not a hound, I’m a spaniel.

The doctor told my parents that they could give me something to induce vomiting to help purge some of the contents of my stomach, so they agreed but then they left me with the staff and I was scared again. They gave me a shot and I knew I had to vomit but I was embarrassed to throw up in front of everyone. They kept telling me it was OK so I went ahead and threw up. The staff at the animal emergency clinic told my parents that a whole lot of food came out which is good. The rest of the contents in my stomach? Well, I had to poop them out the next day and not just once, but many, many times. At least I didn’t throw up again.

Mommy and daddy were asked a lot of questions about me because everyone wanted to know where they got such a lovely dog. I was very popular that night, and I have to say I loved the attention despite not feeling well. Afterwards, mommy paid the large bill and we went home. The moral of the story? You can eat as much as you want as long as you vomit afterwards. What? That isn’t it?


  1. I bet you'll be careful how much you eat from now on...I hope. :-)

  2. Poor guy, having your stomach pumped. I hope you are feeling better. I read about you on the Examiner. I have 2 cockers myself. I added Euri to my twitter ( I'd like to invite you and Euri to our forum: We have a few English cockers and would love to have more. Our forum emphasizes on pets (not showing).


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