Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hoshi's Guest Blog Entry

This blog entry comes from Hoshi, our first guest blogger. Hoshi is a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel and my new friend. Hoshi's dad runs the Cocker Spaniel Forum at http://mycockerspaniel.com/forum/index.php

My dad was flustered this evening because he couldn't get Euri, my new Twitter friend registered on his cocker forum. Dad isn't good with registering "COPPA users." I don't even know what that means. All know is dad was clicking his mouse and typing like crazy. Dad is mad at me too because I chewed the phone line to our fax. He says puppies shouldn't play with cords because they are dangerous. Dad needs a fax so "COPPA users" can become members. I'm all excited about my new friend Euri. I hope he likes to play ball. Dad is taking a rest now. I think he figured out the "COPPA" thing so Euri can join dad's forum.

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