Thursday, August 20, 2009

Euri, the Dog Ate an Entire Bag of Cookies

Last month when my mommy and daddy went to the Pacific Northwest, I stayed with my host family. Melissa Maertens from Pets Are Inn picked me up in her van and off I went. I didn't mind because I love staying with my host mommy. She's always so nice to me, and she even lets me sleep in her bed - something daddy won't let me do because he says I hog the bed. Me? Hog the bed? I'm just a medium sized dog, how can I take up the entire bed?

So while mommy and daddy were away, I had a lot of fun with my host mommy but on the last day, I saw her pack up my belongings and I got scared. I did not want to leave so I did something naughty. I saw a bag of cookies just sitting there on the kitchen table, so I jumped up, knocked the cookies down, and ate all of them - that's right, each and every cookie. My bad.

I'm on a wheat-free diet so I'm not supposed to eat things like that plus I don't even know what was in those cookies. There could have been chocolate which could kill me. My host mommy was surprised that I had done something mischievous when I'm normally so well-behaved. I bet she won't leave cookies lying around the house next time I stay with her.

So on the way home, I got sick in my crate and threw up. Poor Melissa had to clean it up, and when I got back home to mommy and daddy's house, I didn't react enthusiastically so they knew something was wrong. They thought of me during their vacation and bought me muttaroons - wheat free macaroons for dogs. I normally will eat anything but I was feeling so sick that I didn't even eat the muttaroon mommy gave me. Mommy was insulted and didn't know what was wrong, but then Melissa told her about my antics.

As soon as Melissa left, I threw up on the area rug. Daddy was not happy that I chose the rug instead of the hardwood floors - which would have been easier to clean - but the rug was so much more comfortable. Then, as mommy was cleaning up my vomit, I ran to the bedroom so I could vomit again....on the area rug of course, isn't that where I'm supposed to throw up?

I was pretty sick all night and the next day but fortunately I made a full recovery, and I learned my lesson....well, OK, so maybe I didn't learn my lesson but what do you expect? I'm a dog for goodness sake!


  1. Hey, Euri! Thanks for visit us at! Glad you're feeling better!


  2. Hi Euri,

    We've met although you won't remember me. I so admired your beautiful deep color and your sweet sweet temperament. I have heard a little about your adventures in the past so I am not at all surprised. You have lots of English Cocker cousins who also get into mischief! Ooops...I mean adventures! You're a great representative of our breed so don't embarrass us and get into too much trouble.

    Oh, by the way Euri, you are a BEAUTIFUL show dog. You just have a little more 'substance' than you see here in the US. I'm so glad you have found a wonderful home.

    Lots of doggie kisses and sniffs from your friends in Indiana....a LONG way from Texas.

  3. When my nearly 200-pound English Mastiff gets's on the area rug, wood floors, and the yard...

    Hope Euri is fully recovered ;-)


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